I am very much happy to get VISA of USA. As well as having a great contribution of BSB. Specially Mr. Sagor and Simol help me a lot. Its Really never a charming moment. Thanks to Mr. Riten dada for good advise and cooperation. Thanks ,BSB Global Network
Mehraz Khan (USA)

I get my VISA after 6 month wait. So I am very happy .Special thanks to Sabrina mam for my processing and thanks to all stuff .And another special thanks to shimul sir and mahmud sir to helping me lot. I will miss all BSB members. Pray for me please. Thanks to BSB and all.
Tanzina Tabussum (China)

I am happy ,cause i got my VISA.I am really appreciate for Simul sir.I came from far away but he showed me kindness and I will remember that all time .
Md. Abul Kalam Azad (Malaysia)

This is to inform that I , Abdullah Saleh Niami as grateful to BSB in every way possible because getting a student VISA to USA and studeying in virginia Int University would not be possible without the support and help from BSB.It is a dream come true for me and this dream has become reality only because of BSB.All credits are rightfully deserved by BSB. Although BSB deserves the credit,I would like to mention a few names because of whom this VISA was actually possible.These people are Mr. Matin,Mr Sajib and the director Mr Sagor.I would like to thank these people from the bottom of my heart and wish and pray every success to them. Thank you BSB.
Abdullah Saleh Niami (USA)

I am Md. Suruz Dewan.Before getting VISA I know I will get VISA for this I thanks to Allah.I am very happy to get VISA & I thank also for helping me.BSB must proper day by day.Plz every one pray for me .Good bye...everyone just a moment.
Md. Suruz Dewan (Germany)

Getting VISA is a very exciting expressed by words.BSB was always been very helpful through out the process. Good luck to all who will apply in the future and thanks you BSB.
Eshita Azmee (USA)

I am happy for receiving my VISA cause a lot of hard work was gone behind it.I thanks Allah for his love and support,my parent and relatives,all the member of BSB Global for helping me to come to this state and God bless them all giving them good health and prosperity.I hope I can achieve higher education and be able to be successful in my life and be able to make my dream come to reality .I am going my major in computer science and I would love to be a game programmer and designer.I value my family ,my friends and my respected religious people.I value other beings as well and I hope they value and respect me as well .Look forward to seeing you all in the future.God bless you all
Fazle akber Chowdhury (USA)

I am so happy ,I can't express how happy i am ! BSB Global Network help me to success . Sagor sir ,simul sir,riton sir also help me. I give thanks them from my heart.and pray for their success.
Shad-Al-Kibria (USA)

I gratefully acknowledge the service and support by BSB in respect of getting VISA and other formalities for visit of mine in USA. My son is Intisar Kabir now Studying in Wichita state university in USA. He is ok there , well adjusted and now concentrating on 1st semester academic curriculum. Now I am also going on B!-B@ VISA to see my son in USA ,to see my son these. Thanks to BSB ,all member of this team for everything
Kamrun Nesa (USA)