4th International Student Send-off

August 20, 2017 | Published By

Celebrate The Beagining of Your
Higher Study Journey in Abroad !

Date & Time: 21 st August 2017 @ 4:00pm

Location: BSB Global Network Conference Room.
Plot # 22, Gulshan Circle-2, Dhaka -1212, Bangladesh

Program Leader are:

Ln. M K Bashar PMJF
Founder & Chairman

M. Shamsul Islam (Sagor)
Director- Administrative & Marketing.

Activity Plan is Given in The Table Below:

SL# Name of Activity Actor/s Completion Date
01 Contact with VISA confirmed Students to Join in Events. Respective Councilors 19-08-17
02 Follow Up to Councilors about Contact with VISA confirmed Students by The Respective Councilor. Mr. Jakir 20-08-17
03 All required digital equipment collection, hire and set in Conference Room under Mr. Arif s coordination, cooperation and supervision. Mr. Salman, Mr. Zubayed & Ms. Suma Just before 21-08-2017 at \ 12pm
04 Operate all required digital equipment. Mr. Salman, Mr. Zubayed & Ms. Suma During full event time.
05 Seating arrangement, office decoration, Back Drop set etc by using the help of office peons. Mr. Salman, Mr. Zubayed & Ms. Suma Just before 21-08-2017 at I 12pm.
06 Back Drop Preparation Mr. Zakir and Mr. Shahin 19-08-17 07
07 Event schedule and contents development Mr. Tushar Ms. Ema 20-08-17
08 Event presentation Mr. Tushar Ms. Ema During full event time
09 Confirm the presence of BSB’s required higher authority and external mentor if any at the event Mr. Arif During full event time
10 Refreshment activities under Mr. Zakir’s supervision Mr. Sahajalal During full event time
11 Overall coordination and cooperation Mr. Zakir Up to end of the event
12 Overall monitor and supervision Mr. Arif Up to end of the event
13 Press Release Mr. Zakir and Mr. Anis Draft by 20-08-17 and final version 21-08-17 ‘ after finishing the event
14 Event information Busting in BSB FB Mr. Zubayed 19-08-17
15 Review of students and guardians in FB Ms. Suma 21-08-17
16 Participation Certificate Mr. Zakir 20-08-17

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