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I gratefully acknowledge the service and support of rendered by BSB in respect of awaiting visa and others formalities for visit of mine in USA and for my son's study in USA.

Kamrun Nesa

I am so happy cause I got my usa visa. BSB Global Network helped me for that and I am also cambiran college student. So, BSB is very helpful for me.

Md. Shahed Hossain

I would like to thank Motin Sir who was my counselor, without his encouragement none of these would have been possible.

Nayeem Hossain

My name is Salma Sultana. I like to Taishan Medical University in China. BSB help me lot to go to Taishan Medical University. Thanks to BSB.

Salma Sultana

I am Tanvir Ahmed. I am very happy to get my visa. I thank to Allah. I thank to all BSB member for helping me.

Tanvir Ahmed

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